Boruto Characters – Protagonists and Antagonists of Boruto

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Boruto Characters: Boruto is a very good anime. Naruto, the prequel to Boruto, is often regarded as the most popular anime of all time in the West. Right now, the series might not meet the standards set by its predecessors. Yet, it’s worth discussing because of the interesting characters it features. Here is a list of all the main characters from Boruto.

Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto, the main protagonist, is here to introduce him. It seems that he has inherited his father’s prankster nature. But that’s not the only characteristic he got from his father; he also has his mother’s eyes. Borut is just like his dad, he will do anything to achieve the success that he wants. They fell in lust with Naruto due to his sheer tenacity and they fell in lust with Boruto based on the same reason.

Naruto Uzumaki’s first child was Boruto. Two years later, they had Himawari as their second child. Boruto eventually became familiar with the numerous children of his parents’ childhood acquaintances because his parents maintained tight relationships with their circle of friends throughout the years.


Ao boruto character

Ao is a character who has always had a traditional outlook. He believes that men should always be composed and strong. Someone like him doesn’t like to say much and is pretty much just observant most of the time, which is to be expected given his personality. He is one of only a few people outside of Hyuga who possess a Byakugan. It was artificially implanted into him.

Ao fought in the battlefields ever since he was young. After defeating the Hyga in the Third Shinobi World War (), he stole a Byakugan from them and had it surgically placed into his right-eye. He was able with it to decipher and predict the genjutsu used against the Fourth Mizukage. Years after the war, Ao ran across Shisui Uchiha, and the experience left such an impression on Ao that he can still recall the details of Shisui’s powers and the color of his chakra.


Boro Boruto characters

The most accurate descriptors of this individual’s personality are “deceptive,” “egotistical,” and “self-absorbed,” respectively. He even believed that God had chosen him to be the person who would bring salvation for all people. The most problematic thing about him is his significant power, which makes him a dangerous opponent.

Boro carried himself in a way that was almost arrogant. He openly held the belief that he was a man selected by God and laughed at Victor’s misfortunes, claiming that Victor was abandoned by God. In the same breath he was prepared to defy orders with which he did not agree and conceal the facts in order to achieve goals he had set for himself.


Asaka Boruto Characters

Asaka’s brother and he had a tough childhood due to being orphaned. He finds great pleasure in the simple things of life, like love and beauty. In spite of all the challenges and setbacks, he became a skilled Ninja who specialized on water-based tactics.

Asaka was an astute man who gave everything he had to his work. He would gladly sacrifice his life to help his comrades complete their mission. This was the direct result of his struggles during his upbringing. He knew what it was to struggle in life and he valued every moment of happiness he could find.

Chōchō Akimichi

Chōchō Akimichi

Some things are just passed down from generation to generation, and in Akimichi’s family, the value placed on a full meal takes precedence over anything else. She has an awful habit of not refusing food. This contributes to her obesity, but can sometimes be endearing. But you should avoid calling this woman overweight as it might be your final mistake.

When it comes to eating, Chocho never declines an invitation that’s extended to her. This is made abundantly clear by the fact that she regularly opts out of her scheduled training with the other members of Ino–Shika–Cho in order to eat with her sensei, Anko Mitarashi. Chch acted as if she didn’t care about the repercussions, rather than as if she was repentant for her actions.

Chōji Akimichi

Chōji Akimichi

Choji’s primary preoccupation, much like that of her daughter, is with food. In order to be able to use some of his abilities, he must eat a great deal of food. Because of this, his tendency to overeat is acceptable, however yours is not; therefore, you shouldn’t model your behavior after his.

Choji is a very thoughtful, kind and courteous person. According to his father Choza, and his previous teacher, Asuma Sarrutobi, his lack of confidence was his greatest flaw.

Akita Inuzuka

Akita Inuzuka

Akita was a very successful field ninja. Despite her lack of experience, she quickly became interested in scientific investigation and study. Her first priority is to ensure that her dog Chamaru will be protected at all costs. The advancement of technology is a close second.


Chōjūrō Boruto characters

It is reasonable for one to assume that this individual will be hostile, as he is one of the seven elite swordsmen. In reality, however, he seems to be a weak nerd. In this case, appearances are not deceiving because is a reserved individual. He is a formidable opponent despite his poor personality.

Chojuro, despite his membership in the Seven Swordsmen Club, is a reserved individual who lacks confidence. He also has a great deal of respect and admiration for the Fifth Mizukage, as evidenced by the fact that he privately remarked that he want to safeguard her “lovely smile.”

Anko Mitarashi

Anko Mitarashi

She plays the role as a kind and pleasant woman in the Boruto series. In the past, however, she was known as a harsh teacher. You could be in serious trouble if you ignore her orders as your superior. She loves sweets and eats dumplings regularly, which is surprising considering how strict she is.

Both Naruto and Anko have a reputation for being outspoken, stubborn, and quick to react. Anko is often likened to Naruto. Naruto teased her the first time they met. Her immediate reaction was to hurl the kunai she had made at him, and then suck blood from the cut that she had caused. Naruto has become uneasy around her because of this.

Ereki Kaminarimon

Ereki Kaminarimon

He is a businessman who is always looking to the future. He has a great deal of faith in the shinobi. This is evident by the fact that his firm’s success can be attributed to the victories won during the Fourth Shinobi War. He hopes that Denki, his son, will one day be able to take over the family’s business. Therefore, he believes Denki must become proficient in both academics and ninjutsu.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone like Ereki Kaminarimon in an anime where the most of the characters are overly excited ninjas. He decided to start his own business despite being a shinobi. He now lives in luxury thanks to his success.


Delta Boruto Character

There are many similarities between Delta and a wicked woman. She is difficult to read because she is both haughty, and quick-tempered. This makes her one of the hardest people to predict. She has a human side as she is very concerned about her weight.

Delta’s short fuse makes her destructive at times, as evidenced by the time she kicked a table at which her commander was dining as a way to express her annoyance and get her anger out of her system. She is laser-focused on her tasks, and becomes visibly upset if she does not complete them in the time allocated. Jigen has expressed concern about her weight in the past, which could indicate that she is conscious about how she presents.

Codes for a better understanding

Code boruto character

Code is a member of Kara and therefore an enemy that no one could hope to defeat. Code is no exception. His arrogance is a direct result of his immense power. His ultimate goal is to become a celestial, and he treats all those below him with contempt.

Code’s attitude is condescending, as evidenced by his sneering grin when Jigen placed Victor in place, and the way that he made Delta laugh for being weaker than he was. Code was convinced that he and Boro were capable of handling Naruto. Therefore, he believed that one would be sent to deal with Naruto’s Hokage in order for Kawaki to be retrieved. In the anime, he expresses regret at Koji’s murder of Victor and wishes he could have prevented it. He has not hidden his desire to kill those who have wronged.

Denki Kaminarimon

Denki Kaminarimon

The ninja academy’s resident introvert is a student named Denki. His most problematic trait was his inability to speak out when he felt wronged. Boruto has been able to help him overcome anxiety.

His ninjutsu has improved over time. He started out as a weakling, easily bullied. He is still learning to fight, but he makes up for this with his innovative strategies. He was one of the first students in his class to be a chunin.

Ehou Norimaki

Ehou Norimaki

One who is outgoing. He is very dedicated to his goal of becoming a Shinobi and practices with his grandfather to achieve it.

Ehou is a young, rambunctious man. He is deeply dedicated to his goal to become a shinobi. He looks up to others who have the same dedication and respects them. He is therefore critical of those who are indecisive or show signs of hesitation. His confident personality will lead even his most reclusive classmates to follow his example.

Urashiki Ōtsutsuki

Urashiki Ōtsutsuki

Urashiki is a breath of fresh air despite the fact that the rest of the Otsutsuki clan is packed with dull folks who give off the impression that they haven’t laughed in generations. He has an admirable personality and likes to joke around from time to time.

Urashiki’s temperament is more laid-back and lighthearted than his fellow soldiers. He is willing to make jokes with Momoshiki, Kinshiki and makes light of their seriousness. While he is loyal to his family, he does not hesitate to make jokes when performing a task. He still follows the rules. This is demonstrated by his refusal to kill Toneri despite his desire.


Tsunade Boruto character

Tsunade was very willing to think that it was possible to realize one’s dreams, and she believed that if she supported and encouraged those dreams, she could be able to contribute to the realization of those dreams. Tsunade had lost faith in the idea that she could dream for anything, since both of her friends died in horrible ways shortly after receiving her support. She believed that pursuing her dreams would be a futile endeavor.

She spent the majority of her life in the leaf village being revered as one of the community’s most formidable medical ninjas. She is very good at hiding her age. She may be more than fifty years old but she uses a jutsu technique called transformation to appear much younger.

Final Thoughts

With that, we have concluded our list of Boruto character introductions. All that’s left is for you all to introduce your favorite Boruto characters in the comments section below!

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